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Beginning Psychic & Mediumship Classes
​6 weeks $499

Class are on Sundays from 11-2pm
9/25 from 11-2pm
10/2 from 11-2pm
10/9 from 11-2pm
10/23 from 11-2pm
10/30 from 11-2pm
11/13 from 11-2pm
There will be makeup classes if you miss one.

This class is for the complete beginner. We will start from square one. Christine will explain all the “Clairs” and she will help you discover which one is your strength. Christine will teach you about:

  • * Tarot Cards
  • * The Clairs
  • * Chakras
  • * Pendulums
  • * Automatic Writing
  • * Psychometry
  • * Reincarnation
  • * Psychic abilities
  • * Mediumship
  • * Remote Viewing
  • * Energy and How it works and so much more!!

Christine does not believe in sitting around “preaching, singing or talking about herself”, she believes in hands on and having her students do activities that will help them learn. In class you will spend most of your time working on your abilities. You will learn how to control the abilities that you have, and you will learn how to trust yourself and the messages that you recieve from spirit. You will learn how to give yourself and others mini readings. This is where it all begins……

ADVANCED Mediumship 6 weeks $499

Classes are on Sunday from upcoming
this class has not been scheduled this year yet
There will be makeup classes if you miss one.


This class is VERY ADVANCED. This calss is for working mediums that want to advance their abilities to the next level. I’m going to push you to your limit! I’m going to teach you how to get the evidential evidence that leaves your client baffled. You are going to learn how to have a conversation with spirit. You will be tested and graded. Sitters will be provided so that YOU can monitor your progress. We will work on one to one client readings and we will also work on gallery readings and delivering your message to an audience.

    Beginner Psychic and Mediumship Class $499

    Advanced Mediumship Class ​$499 (This class is currently unavailable)

    ** If you need payment arangements please call Christine at 518-915-9119, so that she can setup a payment plan for you. ALL classes will be at Christine’s home, you will be given the address privately via email. I look forward to seeing everyone in class!! There will be no refunds for class, you may make up any missed classes.