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Christine the Clairvoyant is a book based on my life as a child. Growing up being gifted can leave a child feeling very different, I was lucky enough to have my “mommy”. I have no idea what I would have done without her, as it scared me as a child. Maybe by sharing what I went through I can help a child understand that what they have is a gift and not something to be afraid of. I have learned in my life time that you have to be in charge of what’s happening to you. If you don’t understand something that is going on with you (or someone that you love), you need to have an outlet that can provide you (or them) with answers.

I always knew that I wanted to write a book, I just was not sure what I wanted to focus on. So, I did what most do, I went to Barnes and Noble and did a little research. What I realized was that there were tons of books for adults. Books about, how to be a psychic or medium, even books on your intuition and how to sharpen your senses. As I stood in the bookstore, all I could about was how I struggled when I was a child. Where are the books for kids? Quick answer, I could not find one book that explained to children what they were going through, and let them know that others have experience the same things also. The light bulb went on over my head, I then knew what I would write my books about.

There is nothing easy about being a medium. For most it starts as a child and it stays with you for life. For some reason we have the ability to see and hear Spirits, and without someone telling us “what” is going on we are left wondering WHAT IS GOING ON. I believe that as a Medium it is my job to give a voice to Spirit. It is my responsibility to get their message across to my clients as clear and precise as possible. They want to contact you, they want you to know that they are ok, they want you to know that they are watching what you are doing. On a daily basis I find myself very humbled at my ability to do what I do.

I hope you all enjoy this book, it was written with much love and understanding. There are more books to come in the near future! Enjoy the book and I welcome any and all feedback! Need to email me… you can reach me at

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