Who is Christine

Christine was born in Brooklyn, NY and is now the mother of two beautiful young ladies. She currently lives in Saratoga Springs, NY with her husband. Christine is a psychic, medium and a life coach

Her abilities began when she was a small child. She remembers how she would tell her Grandmother predictions and they would happen. Standing and looking out the window as a child (5 years old) and telling her that the truck and car that were steadily approaching each

About Christine
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The Mind Body Spirit Center/ Shoppe

Come and visit one of my stores! The Mind Body Spirit Center is located in Colonie Center, and the Mind Body Spirit Shoppe is located at 510 Broadway, Saratoga Springs. Christine also just opened a Healing Center featuring an Eesystem. You can visit website to get information on how to schedule an appointment in the system.

We carry Crystals,Tarot and Oracle Cards, Candles, incense, Herbs, Soap, Jewelry, Sound bowls and so much more!

If you have scheduled an appointment with Christine, on Monday, Friday and Saturday your appointment will be at the Saratoga Store, in the new Healing Center on Putnam Street. On Tuesday and Thursday your appointment will be at the store in Colonie Center, located upstairs next to Macy’s.

I look forward to seeing everyone!!

The Mind Body Spirit Center
131 Colonie Center (upstairs next to Macy’s)
Albany, NY 12205

The Mind Body Spirit Shoppe (retail Store)
510 Broadway
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

The Mind Body Spirit Healing Center
63 Putnam Street
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Video Testimonials

Overit interviews Christine


Cohoes Music Hall Special

Watch the Video Here


Did you know that the Cohoes Music Hall is haunted? Watch as Christine enters the Hall and looks into the ghost of Eva Tanguay. Eva is still hanging out and looking out from behind the red stage curtains. Eva’s presence can be felt at the Hall. Watch news 10 ABC and Fox News on Halloween!



    Sierra B


    This was my first time seeing a psychic and i could not be more happy that i experienced it with Christine. She gave me advice to take control & live my best life while loved ones i can't aee are in my corner. I will be making another in the future



    Will be back!! So grateful for her support! She was very resourceful and knowledgeable. She accommodated my time constraints as well.



    Christine is very kind and good at what she does. She took the time to listen and she clearly put thought into the feedback she gave me.

    Kelly Bink


    Christine is so spot on!! I have brought a few friends to Chris they are always amazed, SHE IS!! She comes out with stuff you thought no one could know...give her a chance you will not be disappointed

    Barbara D


    Didnt want someone who would just find info in obits or look on fbook to get info & pretend it’s a “gift”. Shes the REAL DEAL & the BEST person. Funny, puts u right at ease. Never made us feel rushed, even went way over time.. answered ALL our questions, talked abt holistic medicine. Knew things she couldn’t have, things my dad hadn’t called us in YEARS. Even Knew abt a coin taped behind the washer! Wanted to make our next apt before leaving her pkg lot.MAKE YOUR APPT, you won’t be disappointed



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    Introducing Jewelry by Christine S

    So I started a Jewelry Company! I have worked with so many clients that miss their loved ones and they would tell me how they find change. So, I thought to myself, “what about a line of beautiful quality in memory jewelry! Here we are, my new line! Click the link or the logo to visit the site! I hope you enjoy the desings as much as we love creating them!

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