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Patrick N
​5  Stars
Dec 3, 2016
Unbelievable experience!!!

Thank you Christine for connecting me with my father... The experience was unbelievable!! The insight was so incredible and helpful! Also, thank you for sharing your gift with us!!!

Two amazing Mediums in 1 night!
$25 a ticket!

Friday, September 27, 7-9pm -  Astral Journeys Center, 1811 Western Avenue, Albany, NY
Tickets $25 VIP $65  (Doors open at 6:15 for VIP) (Doors open at 6:50 for General Admission)
Audience limited to 100 people

Please join psychic mediums Intuitive Medium Christine Seebold and Lori Doupe Sheridan for an amazing evening of spirit messages from loved ones on the other-side. The event is the opportunity to experience the miracle and healing of communiction from your loved ones. Both mediums will deliver evidential messages from spirit with love and compassion. Do not miss this opportunity to have two famous mediums deliver messages from your loved ones. Chrisine and Lori will do what is called double linking, this is where both mediums communicte with your loved one and the messages are amazing. If you are looking to contact messing loved ones then this is an event for you to attend!! Chris and Lori will be doing readings during the VIP session!

To puruchase your tickets and read more about Lori and Christine, visit (purchasing a ticket does not guarantee you a reading).

$25 Ticket

$65 VIP Ticket

My show is coming back to Facebook September 4th at 8pm!

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Christine the Clairvoyant!
My book is out and ready to ship!! Christine the clairvoyant is based on my childhood as an Intuitive and Medium. I wrote this book along with Tracy Blom for children that are experiencing the same thing that I did as a child. This book is also for adults of gifted children. This is a first in a series of 6 books! 
Click here to visit the page and order your book!

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"Based on my story as a child"

Cohoes Music Hall Special ​

Did you know that the Cohoes Music Hall is haunted? Watch as Christine enters the Hall and looks into the ghost of Eva Tanguay. Eva is still hanging out and looking out from behind the red stage curtains. Eva's presence can be felt at the Hall. Watch news 10 ABC and Fox News on Halloween!

Watch the Video Here

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I have been inducted into the best psychic directory....
I have finally been inducted into "THE BEST PSYCHIC DIRECTORY". This is a very prestegious acknowledgement as all psychics and mediums are screened and approved!! I submitted my listing in 2015, so I have had to wait quite some time for this listing!
My new app is available in the Apple and Android store! It's under "Intuitive Medium Christine".   You will be able to; make an appointment, instant message me, watch my YouTube station and even watch videos that I post inside of the App! Check it out!  Click here enter your email and the app store will send you the link

This video is a quick peek at what an appointment is like, the cost of an appointment and much more! I look forward to meeting with you.
Getting certified with Lisa Williams was no easy task! Lisa is a wonderful teacher and requires that your abilities are tested and can be trusted. It' s an honor to be listed on her site as a Certified Medium.  Click the photo to read more about Christine's certifications.
My new Oracle/ Tarot Deck is now available for pre-order. This 54 card deck will help to give you daily guidance. How many decks do you have that you do not know how to properly use? Christine want's to make sure that you now how to use her deck, so when you purchase the deck you will also receive a 1 hour live course. You will also be given access to Christine's private facebook group "Teachings of the Oracle".  You can order here;

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Studio Audience
Live Readings
Connect with your loved ones
98.3 WTRY
Jamie Roberts
I have been blessed with this gift since the age of 2. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with this gift. I am merly the telephone that is between yourself and your loved ones.
Jamie Roberts in studio with Intuitive Medium Christine. Recording commercial for the radio station.
Live readings for WTRY 98.3!! What a great night! 22 Lucky winners ALL received live readings.
?Who is Christine
Christine was born in Brooklyn, NY and is now the mother of two teenage girls. She currently lives in Loudonville, NY with her children. Christine is a psychic, medium and a life coach

Her abilities began when she was a small child. She remembers how she would tell her Grandmother predictions and they would happen. Standing and looking out the window as a child (5 years old) and telling her that the truck and car that were steadily approaching each other were going to collide.... and moments later they did. Needless to say her Grandmother kept her away from the window after that incident

As a child it is very hard to understand why you know what is going to happen before it actually happens. So, we run from our psychic abilities and try to ignore them. Her Grandmother would not allow her to run as the gift was inherited directly from her. So, as a teenager it was embraced and she learned all she could from the wonderful teacher that was lucky enough to also be her Grandmother

So here we are today. Fully embraced with who she is and what she stands for, helping as many people as she can along the way. It's not just a reading it's a life changing experience

Amazing just Amazing
Christine managed to pull off the unthinkable and moved me in the right direction which words can't express the appreciation I have for her gift. She shared feedback with me that only I and my lovely wife would know and that had me waking up with a smile and confidence that my wife is around. Move over Long Island Teresa cause you have some major competition up here in the Capital District. If you want to experience a heart felt meeting, go see Christine!!! Thanks Christine I'll be back !

Chris C. 
July 21, 2016

Me and my grandmother!

Welcome to Intuitive Medium Christine - The trusted Medium in Albany NY. Also doing readings in New York City.

In life, there are times we encounter events and situations where we find ourselves at a crossroads, not knowing which path to take and which choices to make. In times like these, we often look to loved ones we trust the most, like our parents, grandparents and other loved ones. However, what if the questions can only be answered by a loved one that has moved on? What if we want to take a peek into our future in order to find the answers we seek and the guidance we need in order to ensure we're taking the right steps forward?

If you're in new York, or other states throughout the country, and are seeking the trusted guidance of a genuine Psychic medium Albany NY folks rely on for honest help and direction, you couldn't have come to a better place! Christine is available to do phone readings in New York City and across the globe, using facetime, skype or simply over the phone.

Intuitive Medium Christine is the name that stands out among all other Psychics in Albany NY. With genuine psychic medium abilities dedicated to helping clients find answers to their most pressing life questions, Intuitive Medium Christine provides personal psychic readings as well as Facetime and Phone psychic readings Loudonville, NY clients count on to find the answers they seek, enabling them to move forward in life on the right path.

So if you want to make sure you're getting trusted help from one of the only Psychics in Albany NY that provides genuine psychic medium services, there's only one name to keep in mind - Intuitive Medium Christine!

To find out more about how Intuitive Medium Christine can help you, please call 518-915-9119, or email us at [email protected] today!

You may also connect with Intuitive Medium Christine via Facebook: Intuitive Medium Christine, Twitter: @mediumchristin6, as well as through her downloadable app in the Apple Store and on Android (Google Play Store) called Intuitive Medium Christine.

Wether your in New York City, California, Florida or half way around the globe, Christine is available for a reading.

What Do I Do
Why I Do It
I am an Intuitive Medium and Psychic. I have the ability to connect you and your loved ones that have crossed over on. Basically I act as the telephone so that you can speak with your family and friends. I can hear, see and speak with them. 
This started when I was 2 years old. As a child it was very scary, at night I used to wrap the covers around me and create a coccoon. When I was a teenager my grandmother started to really teach me how to control my abilities. Today I do it to help others, I belive that I was given this ability for a reason. With this ability there comes a lot of responsibilty, and I must never abuse this gift. 
How Can This Help Me?
Have a Private Reading or Party 
Closure, sometimes we do not get to say goodbye to someone that we love, what I do is provide people with that ability. Sometimes I have clients that just want to ask a parent (or a relative) for guidance. When you leave your session you fill feel like you spent an hour conversating with your loved one.
You can either have a private reading , small group reading or throw a party! To book your private reading click the link below. To book a small/large group or party please call 518-915-9119.
Need help, or have a question. Please fill out the form below and I will get back to you within a few hours. 
Download my App in the Google playstore!!
Intuitive Medium Christine
1811 Western Avenue
Albany, NY 12203

518-915-9119 (text or call)
[email protected]

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