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This page is where I tell you about myself. So, here goes..

I grew up on a ranch in upstate New York, and we also had a house in Brooklyn, NY. During the week I would help with the animals and work in the barn and in the garden. On the weekends I would be in the city learning about culture. I had the best of both worlds.

As a child I used to speak about being an Egyptian Princess, I would speak in a weird language, tell her about Egypt and refuse to say please and thank you. One day my grandmother said to me, “why don’t you say please and thank you?” My response was, “I don’t have to say please and thank you i’m a queen.” Her reply was, “well you are not a Queen in this lifetime and you have to say please and thank you, you must be polite”. Then at the age of five our home in Brooklyn New York caught on fire in the middle of the night. I clearly remember something waking me up out of a sound sleep. I remember sitting up like someone had just shook me and immediately smelling the smoke. I ran through the house waking everyone up. The basement was engulfed in flames and we got out along with all of our tenants. They told my family that if we did not get out when we did that everyone would have perished.

My grandmother raised me and I must tell you I could not have had a better teacher. Not only did she teach me to always try to be the best person that I could be, but she was a psychic and taught me everything that she knew. Of course when your a teenager you don’t really think it’s cool, you would rather be doing things with your friends. But, she was not budging and she made me study as a Rosicrucian, and I became a colombe. These teachings went way back to the time of the Egyptians. I was like a sponge, learning everything that she could teach me.

Once I graduated from high school I went to college in Manhattan. I put my psychic studies aside for many years, and I did what most people do, I got busy with life and had children and got married.

My children are teenagers now and it’s time for me to resume my studies. As a psychic we are always learning and growing.

I lost my grandmother 5 years ago. I remember she called me and said, “you must come see me in the next few days”. Not knowing what she was speaking about I agreed and went to see her. I remember sitting with her and she told my daughters that she would not be seeing them anymore as she was “not going to be around”. Her comments took me aback, and I put the children in the car and came back into the house. When I came back into the house and she told me that she loved me. She sat me down and said, “don’t ever forget how much I love you”. The tears poured down my face and she kissed me goodbye. Having lived with her all my life I knew what she was saying. Growing up with her I learned that when she said something it would be happening in the next week or so. A week later my uncle called me and told me that she had passed, and she had died in her sleep. I wept like no person has ever wept, but I realized that she knew that she was leaving and that no one would be present, and she wanted to say goodbye to all her friends and family. A few days later at her funeral all of her friends showed up to say goodbye. Everyone had the same story, “did you get a call from Rubi that you must come and see her quickly”? The entire church nodded yes….. this is how I grew up…. with a loving person that was always “knowing”.

My grandmother always wanted me to use my talents that she had taught me, and now I am following my life path. I know that she is looking down at me, proud as ever.

Make sure that you live every day to the fullest, be kind to everyone that comes across your path, and treat others as you would like to be treated. Say positive affirmations everyday and know that you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to!