How does this work

First you make your appointment, either online or call me 518-915-9119. I charge $70 for 30 minutes or $100 for 60 minutes. The night before your appointment, if you are looking to connect with a loved one “tell them that you are coming and ask them to please show up”. I know it sounds silly but it works. As you speak out loud tell them to come, they can hear you, you can’t hear their response but they can hear you as you speak. When you arrive one of two things will happen, spirit will either come in with you and begin to communicate with me immediately, or it will take a few minutes to reach them. PLEASE DO NOT GET NERVOUS. Spirit cannot hurt you, the living can do you more harm. Then we begin, usually they start by giving me a description of themselves so that you know that we have reached the correct spirit. Then they will tell you things that only the two of you will know, this is where it gets interesting. I just sit back and give you the messages that I receive. You can ask as many questions as you like or reach as many people as you like in your time slot. Now, I cannot control spirit I can only ask them to come through. Most of the time they come through and both you and I will be amazed at what they have to say.

If you just want a general reading about your job, new job, relationship etc., then I will reach out to someone who is passed that loves you (or one of your guides), and ask them to help me with giving you guidance. PLEASE HAVE YOUR QUESTIONS READY AND HAVE SOME SORT OF DIRECTION BEFORE YOU SIT DOWN WITH ME. If you sit with me and your saying ummmmm, hmmmmm, I don’t know…. well that is what you will get.

Sometimes a client will ask, “why do you take my name and information”. The answer is simple, I need to enter you into my planner. I send an email that provides driving instructions and I send a text message reminder to your phone. Your information is not shared or used for any other purposes.

It’s that simple. I am very blessed to have been born this way. As a child it was very scary but I have learned how to turn it off and on. I cannot run and hide from it anymore so here I am embracing it and helping as many people as possible. All of the customer reviews on my site are real so take the time and read some of them. I guarantee that you will leave knowing that your loved one is very present and watching over you. You might come to your appointment as a nonbeliever but you will leave one. You just have to experience it for yourself!

NOTE: please do not drink alcohol or take drugs BEFORE coming to see me. I cannot do a reading if you are in an altered state.


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